Monday, May 23, 2011

Walk...or Stroll

So, anyone who knows me will affirm that I do NOT run (unless someone is chasing me, or if skipping counts).  Fortunately, the 5K race that I entered Stuart and myself into allowed for both running and walking participants.  It was called "Make Tracks for the Zoo" and anyone who has been to the Saint Louis Zoo knows that it's a pretty awesome one...besides, the admission is free!  Anyway, we made it with the walking crowd (which was pretty jam-packed) in just under an hour.  It was more for the experience of doing a 5K, but I'm pretty excited at how well we did:

Pre-race and ready to go!

After the race we got our free breakfast and headed to check out the penguin and puffin exhibit since the zoo had opened and the exhibit is a frigid 45 degrees!  It was a good cool-down.  The penguins were such show-offs- splashing water and posing for pictures.
He was such a cutie!
The pelicans were out sunbathing

Our next Saint Louis adventure includes a downtown scavenger hunt that I got Stuart for his birthday...ending up at Ted Drewes-yum! 

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I took advantage of the most gorgeous day to take a trip to the Botanical Garden with my mom and future hubby (39 days!), and we couldn't have asked for a better opportunity to enjoy the weather.  It has finally warmed up, and although I am more of a winter person, I couldn't resist taking the camera along to shoot some pictures in the sun!  I probably need to invest in a more substantial camera- and probably a class or two- but, I think I got a couple good shots in.  The subjects were in full bloom (along with the amazing work of  Chihuly), and with the bees buzzing and a light breeze, it turned out to be a great trip.  Enjoy!