Thursday, September 1, 2011

My New Project

So I have been working on a couple new projects, one involving designing and making jewelry based on my "Tasseled" collection.  In college, I actually took a "jewelry making" class, in which I thought we would be making jewelry with beads and know...pretty things.  Boy was I surprised!  Next thing I knew I was forging solid silver on an anvil and soldering jump rings.  Though it was not what I expected, it gave me a great respect for those who actually do those things.  For me, however,  I wanted to try my hand at making something I could actually do and would actually wear (and have been!), and here are a few of the results, with more to come! 
Deco Bracelet

(Deco Bracelet Detail)
 Dame Bangle
 (Dame Bangle Detail)
Dandy Wrap Necklace
 (Dandy Wrap Necklace Detail)
 Dewey Earrings
(Dewey Earring Detail)
Dizen Ring

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