Tuesday, June 19, 2012

One Fabulous Year Later...

If this were a year earlier, right now I would be soaking up the sun in Hawaii on my honeymoon, but alas, I am sweltering in the Saint Louis heat- ha!  But, that DOES mean that we got to celebrate our one year anniversary!  And what a great year it has been!  We have had so many exciting adventures and experiences, and with the addition of the little one in October, so many more to come.  As is traditional in the Presley household, we like to re-create our very first date, as it was the first time we met and also the day (a year later) that we got married.  It includes gift-exchange, dinner at Blueberry Hill, and a trip to bubble tea.  Since we did not get to keep our cake topper, I secretly planned to have a small replica of our wedding cake made from the bakery where we got our original cake.  So delicious!  It was a fantastic day, filled with love from family and many new memories. 
On our way to dinner to celebrate!

It was a crafty anniversary...with a personalized scrapbook 
and hand-stamped keychain (also serves as a reminder-hehe) 

Can't wait till next year!