My Wedding!

I have never experienced so much love as I did on my wedding day.  I married the love of my life on the anniversary of our very first date exactly one year later, which is very special for us (see this post for our re-creation).  We had a simple but amazing day, filled with great memories and special touches.  Even though the day began with rain, the sun came out and made everything perfect just before it it washed everything clean.  Beautiful.  My wonderful Grandpa did the honors of walking me down the aisle and as we entered The Conservatory, he suggested we dance -so cute.
We loved our carriage ride after our ceremony.  It was so great to get to spend some personal time together after the crazy morning we had.  Eventually we made our way down the historic Main Street in St. Charles to The Vine to meet up with our guests for lunch and cake!  I designed our cake and J. Noto delivered the most yummy confection. 
 We will always cherish our memories from that day.  We were so grateful all of our friends and family could be there to share our special day with us.  It couldn't have been better, more delicious, or more fun.

All of our special touches were created by either me or my mom.  She is responsible for my beautiful bouquet and shoe clips AND all of the boutonnieres and centerpieces.  I made all of the signs, name badges, and graphic elements.  We had so much fun working together on special projects- with only a couple meltdowns!

Photo Credits: Ashley Bay Designs.  Thanks for capturing our moments!