Monday, January 30, 2012

The Sloup!

So Saint Louis has these great little nooks and crannies of awesome art groups that gather for a tradition known as "Sloup". What happens?  Artists submit possible project proposals which are voted on while enjoying homemade soup (for a small cover)!  I heard about this adventure from Katie, who always has the most interesting ideas for things to do.  I love it!  This time around, it was hosted at various places around South City, and our eventual choice was at a local chef's house.  She was serving both vegan and omnivore soup, which worked for both of us and our significant others, so off we went.  So delicious!  Stuart tried the fancy cocktail that consisted of about 15 ingredients, but he got lost after "cognac"-ha.  We voted, enjoyed some cheese and soup, mingled, and then made our way to Bailey's Chocolate Bar.  For real.  Recommended: bittersweet and bacon truffles and banana nutella crepes.  I didn't take pictures...because it was so good, I forgot.
 Butternut Squash and Ham and Beans...Delicious
Stuart enjoys the 15-ingredient cocktail!
Our chef had an amazing collection of cookbooks.  She said at one point she had about a thousand in stacks around the living room.  Well they were worth it!  Her soups were delicious- and for such a fun cause!  ...Maybe I'll see you at the next one! 

Sunday, January 15, 2012

In My Makeup Bag

A lot of friends have asked me about my beauty routine and what products I use.  These are a sampling of my favorite and most-used items in my bag.  First, and most important, is prepping your face using light and moisturizing lotion before adding foundation:
Next, I go to the eyes, which for me are the most fun because you can always add your own flair depending on how you feel, or what you are wearing.  For me, a good flick at the end of the eyeliner for a cat eye always makes for a good look.  If there is any special outing, I always add fake eyelashes for extra drama, and just a little gold liner at the inside corner.  For day, a little shimmer goes a long way with a little darker shadow in the crease, using a primer so that it doesn't smudge:
 Finally, never forget the lips! (as my mother would always say) I live by this double-ended lip gloss because it literally lasts all day and I perpetually forget to re-apply normal lipstick.  For those dry days when your lips feel like the Sahara, this little minty globe of heaven might just help...and it looks cool:
 Hope these ideas help you!  xo

Credits- Almay /Boscia /Cover Girl /eos /Maybelline /Oil of Olay /Rimmel  /Sephora /Sonia Kashuk

Thursday, January 12, 2012

DIY: Watercolor Brooch

I love the way that just adding one accessory can add something special to an outfit.  I have recently discovered a love of brooches and while putting together my craft room, I found a bit of felt and decided to make a little something fun.  Here's what I came up with: 

Circle Template
Watercolor Image
Pin Back
Needle and Thread
 1. Using the template, draw a circle on a piece of felt in any color you choose and cut out the outside and the center./2. Copy the circle onto a watercolor image (or any image that inspires you) and cut out, leaving about a 1/4 inch from the edge.  I quickly drew and painted a vintage looking portrait, but really anything would work!/3. Stitch the drawing to the open middle of the circle./4. Cut a smaller circle in a contrasting color and stitch a pin back to the middle with a needle and thread, then superglue to the back of the main piece./5. For an extra touch, I cut out some small leaves to go with the flowers in the painting and then used hotfix crystals to give it some sparkle.  Make sure everything is dry and then enjoy adding something unique to your next outfit!

Sunday, January 8, 2012


I'm excited to share my project from Christmas break with you-my new craft room!  While, for all intents and purposes, my original craft room was well situated in the basement of our house, it just wasn't being used to it's full extent- so mom, Stu, and I moved it upstairs into our spare room.  It is amazing...I may never leave...which is kind of the point.
A home for my buttons.  Grandpa's old cigar boxes!
Of course, Mr. Jasper is my ever-present helper!  He particularly likes to lay on any project I am working on and take naps under the desk lamp.  
He is quite the mascot.
My crafting adventures have already begun in this room!  I am working up an inventory in order to start an etsy shop- yay!!