Friday, October 28, 2011

Garden Adventures!

The other day was just beautiful...a perfect fall day.  It made you feel like you HAD to get outside or you would miss something important that day, like a certain color red on a changing leaf or the smell of crisp fresh air.  This is somewhat unlike me since I am well versed in couch-potato-ness, but it was impossible to resist the great outdoors.  So, Stuart and I made our way to the Saint Louis Botanical Garden...but not without a quick pop over to The Hill for lunch at Lou Boccardi's (best toasted ravioli ever per Stuart's well groomed toasted ravioli palette).  We sat outside and enjoyed our delicious Godfather pizza, minus mushrooms of course...
Then it was off to the Garden.  Yes, we went earlier this year for Mother's day, but so much has changed since then, and my favorite fall flowers are out now, so I brought my camera and snapped a few in new places of the Garden I have never been- like the Shaw House, where the owner of the property before it was given to the city and garden-lover Henry Shaw lived and is buried behind.  It was amazing.  If you ever visit Saint Louis, be sure to stop by here and just explore.  It's so much more than just flowers...
Mr. Shaw's sitting room
Wreath adorning the door...gorgeous
 Mr. Shaw's bedroom.  He was so classy- a la top hat
 Hi Mr. Shaw.  Thanks for letting us in your garden.
 Leafy greens
 The prettiest cactus I have ever seen
 Yes.  I took this.  With my phone.
 This is my happy place.  I would visit every day.
Hello spider are my favorite.
 The handsome hubby and the greenhouse.
 Cast shadows
Hanging gourds!!  Watch your head...

Hope you enjoyed the pics!  I can't wait to see what it looks like this winter!  I plan to visit every season just to see what new treasures I can find in there.  Maybe I will get a new camera for Christmas...? Hint, hint...

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