Monday, November 7, 2011

Craft Fair Love!

Thanks to everyone that came to hunny::plum's first craft fair appearance!  It was tons of fun and Katie and I had a blast.  I was really nervous at first because everyone seemed to know what they were doing, but it was so much easier than what I had made up in my head.  Once Stuart and I set up, we were peppered with customers and eventually got selling!  Apparently hot for the season: knitted ear warmers with an extra special detail.  I have been making these for a little while, but started to add embellishments and twists to make it more special.  Also a big hit were the weighted wrap I will be making more of these for the next go-around.  All in all, it was so great to see what worked and I look forward to the next one!  Here are some pictures from my booth:
To anyone that is interested in something they saw at the fair, but were unable to purchase, or if you are interested in custom work, please feel free to email me :)  Thanks again xo

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