Saturday, December 17, 2011

DIY: Christmas Cards

Wondering what to give your co-workers, friends, or extended family?  Maybe these cute and simple handmade cards will help bring joy to everyone on your list!  With just a few supplies and a little creativity, you can bring a personal touch to your gift-giving this year.  Enjoy and have fun!
Bristol Board or Watercolor Paper
Alphabet Vinyl Stickers
Fold the bristol board or watercolor paper in half with a small overlap.  
You can tear or use a pair of decorative scissors to scallop the bottom.  
Pick a fun and festive word and use the vinyl stickers to apply it to the paper.  
Make a wash over the card using water.
 Pick a color you want and watercolor over the wash.  
Try mixing different colors together and dropping them in pools of water on the page.  Another fun technique is sprinkling salt over the wash of color.   
You can really have fun with however you like to paint.
 When you have the look you like, remove the vinyl stickers! 
 You can embellish the words and use your creativity 
to make the cards more interesting.
If you don't feel like using stickers, you can always embellish a stamp with a little color and add a pop of sparkle...because you can never have too much sparkle!!

Happy Holidays to everyone!

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