Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Food Truck Fridays!

One of my most favorite summer activities is the annual Food Truck Friday event that happens in Tower Grove park.  I love to see how each trucks' individuality, with their whirring generator and precisely placed mini-kitchen, brings flocks of us to enjoy their goodies!  My first adventure in food trucking was last year, and I was totally unprepared for the feast that lay ahead.  This time, with camp chairs slung over one shoulder, plenty of cash to spare, and a map of which food truck was where (pre-highlighted, I might add- hey, a girl has to be prepared), Stuart and I managed to try three different trucks.  Good thing this event happens more than once because we made note of which one to try next time...everything was so delish!
So clever!  The banana/nutella crepes are sensational.
Guerrilla Street Food...Asian Limeade is a MUST
Always save room for dessert-
especially peach cheesecake cupcakes (mmmm)

We are already planning for next time.  Maybe go in a group and divide and conquer...?

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