Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Thanks to Jasper...

I woke up this morning and thought..."oh no! bad hair day!".  I must have slept on it funny because it was sticking up in all kinds of directions in the front and had a big bump right above my bangs.  I attribute this to getting used to having a bed hog of a cat that demands attention while I'm trying to sleep (We just retrieved him from my mom's house on Sunday).  Oh Jasper! - or as he is more affectionately known: Mr. (Tippy) Pants.  Well, to fix the hair dilemma I enlisted the help of the very handy scarf to downplay the pouf; and here is the result:
It's a little bit turban, a little bit 40's  pin-up.
Here's what you will need:
(A fancy patterned or solid scarf; around a medium length, bobby pins,
and one or more of those nifty Goody Spin Pins, depending on hair length)
Brush your hair into a low side bun, twist, and secure with the Spin Pin and however many bobby pins are necessary to keep it in place
I found that this helps keep the scarf on your head if things tend to slide off your hair easily, like they do on mine (i.e. those elastic headbands)
Take the scarf and grasp it lengthwise, placing it at the nape of your neck, under the bun, with the ends even.  Bring both ends a little over your ears and toward the crown of your head.  Make a twist by crossing the right hand in front of the left and then re-grasp the scarf and bring the loose ends back toward where you started and make a secure knot.  Tuck the remaining ends into the sides of the scarf and adjust pieces 'till you like the result! 
I like this look because it hides the big pouf that graced my head this morning, and didn't take much time to do and it makes me feel just a little more sassy.  I guess I have Jasper to thank for inspiring my hairdo today.      
Besides, who could resist this adorable bed hog?

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