Tuesday, April 12, 2011

67 and Counting

67. The number of days until my wedding!  67? You might be thinking, what's so special about 67?  Well, nothing really, but I happen to like that number, and therefore decided to celebrate it.  This is a mostly DIY shindig, but it will be spectacular, of course!  The theme is based on bird silhouettes and wood cuts and is turning out to be such a harmonious process.  I have yet to figure out why people think weddings are such a stressful event...but that could be because I am not at 2 days until the Big Day yet.  We'll see though, because I don't believe in worrying about the production of it.  We're there to have a good time!  On a shopping note:  I absolutely LOVE our favors which come from a favorite Etsy shop of mine, where they gather the wood cut from forests and re-use it before it is taken to be burned.

Love Bird Rainbow Wood Tree Magnets - Set of 10  Individual Packages 
Awesome favors from Monkeys On The Roof
I hand-stamped the wording on the tags and added some sparkle with gems and a little glue
Other Favorite Wedding Purchases:
return address stamp - simple - custom calligraphy
From Primele
(This was great for return addressing the save-the-dates, invitations, and reply cards!)
What Color Are Your Wooden Star House Love Birds
(Cake Toppers! Stuart wanted to make them kiss, so they will be smooching on top of the cake)
Teal Paper Bird Mobile Kit
(To be hung from the ceiling at the Reception along with the tulle poms in the picture below)
RESERVED for tonidunderdale - Bulk order Large Tulle Pom Pom Balls - Unique handmade decorations, 12 inch diameter, 34 color choices. Perfect for weddings, parties, home decor

I can't show you everything, or it wouldn't be a surprise!  I do admit to being a professional Etsy shopper/buyer.  However, I WILL be starting my own Etsy store after the wedding, which will include one-of-a-kind garments and hair adornments.  Because I currently live in anywhere from 2-3 places at the moment, this will have to happen, post-wedding.  Please stay tuned for updates regarding this venture...as it will be taking flight as soon as possible!  For now, I have a wedding to plan and a wonderful man to marry, so that's been on the brain for the last couple months.  However, in my search for all things unique for a wedding, I have found many more inspirations that I imagined.  My goal is to sketch and write down as many of these as possible because I refuse to lose that drive to create.  My fellow designers can attest to that :)     

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